Susie Houghton | Family Law Barrister and Mediator
Susie has been practising Family Law for over 25 years and is an experienced barrister, specialising in all parenting matters and relationship property.

Susie is the elected Deputy Chair of the NZ Law Society's Family Law Section, is part of the specialist panel of lawyers appointed by the NZ Central Authority to represent parents involved in Hague proceedings (child abduction) and has been appointed by both the Family Court and the High Court for 20 years, to represent children in Court.  She also has significant experience in resolving disputes through mediation both as lawyer for one of the parties, as well as acting as mediator. Susie has over 25 years of extensive experience in the Family and High Courts acting as senior Counsel in a broad range of family law disputes. She also frequently represents parties in negotiations to resolve difficult relationship property settlements.

North Shore Legal Chambers, Unit L1, 75 Corinthian Drive, Albany