About Susie

Through the course of her career Susie has worked as a member of litigation teams in both large and small law firms.

Since 2001, Susie has chosen to practice as a barrister sole specialising in all areas of family law. with a special passion for resolving disputes relating to the relocation of children (both within and away from New Zealand) and future parenting arrangements.  Susie has significant experience in representing parties as well as children through all the steps involved in Court proceedings in both the Family Court and the High Court.  She is often appointed by the Court to act as Lawyer for Child or Counsel to Assist the Court.  She prides herself in taking a pragmatic and sensible approach to clients' disputes, advising her clients early on of the outcome they can expect from the Court proceedings and working hard to achieve that outcome without unnecessary delay and expense.  She is also an experienced mediator and draws significant satisfaction from negotiating agreed and sustainable outcomes when parties are willing to attempt to mediate rather than proceed to a Court hearing.  Susie sees mediated outcomes as usually enabling families to resolve disputes much more speedily and cost-effectively than having to proceed with costly litigation and generally leaving both parties feeling more satisfied with the outcome overall.

Since 2000, Susie has been appointed by the Family Court and the High Court to represent numerous children in Court proceedings.

As an elected member of the Law Society's Family Law Committee, Susie has a keen interest in Family Court processes and playing a role in ensuring the systems meet parents' and children's needs, as best as is possible.

Susie has also completed the Law Society family mediation training programme and in the role of mediator, has assisted families in resolving issues, outside of the Court arena.

Susie Houghton
Barrister and Mediator